Qlock 1.91

Customize a clock for multi-process monitoring
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Work with multiple dockable windows for monitoring the time for different locations. Customize the clock timer and synchronize its time indications with a dedicated time server. Change colors, dimensions, format, and transparency of the clock interface.

Qlock allows you change the transparency for each clock window. There are 3 transparency settings, Low, Medium and High that give you full control on how opaque the clock windows appear on your desktop.

Designed for both business or home use, Qlock takes the world clock to a new level with more features, more settings and more control. Stay up to date with the latest times and news from around the world while you carry on working. Qlock fetches your most important news/stock/blog feeds and displays them in easy to read windows. Get daily FX rates for all major currency pairs straight to your desktop. Set Strike prices for each pair to help you keep on top of the market.

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